Capability academy

Tailored for the modern CHRO

The success of a modern company has three elements: a visionary CEO defining direction and strategy, a diligent CFO securing adequate funding for the strategy and a modern-day CHRO ensuring that you have the needed people and culture to implement your strategy.

A progressive CHRO is vital to building, developing and managing capability in a modern company. As the right hand of the CEO, they verify that the company has sufficient capability to achieve the strategic goals. HR team must understand strategy as well as capability development and leadership. Hence, HR managers must grow from HR experts into Capability Officers. Now, tell us honestly: do your HR have a key role in your strategy execution?

Team leaders also have a vital role in capability development.  They need to understand the strategy and its goals and help the team members to achieve them.  Team leaders must know each team member in-and-out and individualize their leadership practice in respect to members’ level of competence, their need of support and the requirements of the situation. Team leaders are the engine in harnessing people’s skills, passion and understanding to achieve strategic goals and they must identify where you lack the competence required.  Here’s another moment for honesty: Do your team leaders have the required capability to lead daily activities in align with your strategy and based on the needs of each team member?

The Capability Academy was built to tackle these challenges. Our training modules are designed for HR professionals and Team leaders. With the new skillset gained from our training, your HR team and team leaders have the ability to bring your company’s capability to the level it needs to be at.