Capability design

Tailored for the modern CEO

Your strategy work is done. You have a clear path to creating sustainable and profitable growth for you company. But do you have the best possible team to execute the needed change? Are you sure, or do you just hope? According to a study, up to 70% of strategic change projects fail (McKinsey). Hence, in order to succeed, you need to have: the right competence, an insane drive, close insight in the strategy and business objectives and a management model that enables success.

Together with you, we first identify the capability that your strategy execution requires and then we analyze and audit your as-is capability.  Based on findings, we create a Capability Roadmap for you. When needed, we will fill your capability gaps by finding you the right employees with exactly right kind of capability.

This work is called Capability Design, and it is the key in your ability to execute.