The Company

We have both led companies ourselves, as well as carried out hundreds of recruitment assignments. This combination has given us a unique understanding of the elements of success.  This insight gave us also the push to create Bridge Impact.

We have seen that success is achieved often this way:  A group of people have a common bold dream, objective or a reason for being.  They carefully surround themselves with the same-minded talent and enable them to use their drive, passion and competence towards the common goal.  From this idea, what seems to be a simple solution, we found also “our own thing”.  We optimize our abilities, passion and years of experience for the benefit of our customers.

We strongly believe that engaged employees and successful companies are inseparable. We believe that by taking few carefully planned steps, Finnish companies can generate solid sustainable and profitable growth and be filled in with the most engaged employees in the world.

If you believe what we believe, contact us!